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Group of people at a veterinary conference watching a speaker

2024 Veterinary Conferences: Third Quarter Happenings

Jun 13, 2024

Numerous veterinary conferences are scheduled across the United States during the third quarter of 2024. These conferences offer updates on cutting-edge research, emerging technologies, and veterinary care best practices. Additionally, conferences provide valuable networking and promotional opportunities for VetPartners members from diverse veterinary backgrounds. The following continuing education conferences from July through September 2024 offer invaluable learning opportunities. PacVet July 11–14, 2024 San Francisco, California The 20...

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Female veterinarian uses a stethoscope to examine a cat

Veterinary Job Market Update: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Jun 3, 2024
Human Resources

The veterinary profession continues to experience dynamic changes, presenting both challenges and opportunities for veterinarians and employers. From the increasing shift of relief vets to full-time p...

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The words Non-Compete with a red line through them.

How the FTC Non-Compete Rule Could Affect the Veterinary Industry

May 3, 2024
Practice Management

Although non-competition agreements (NCAs) have been a staple in associate veterinarian employment agreements for a long time, there has been a recent trend in the industry to move away from the tradi...

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Female veterinarian uses a laptop

The Road to Veterinary Practice Success Through Strategic IT Investments

Apr 24, 2024
Practice Management

Often, we find ourselves pigeonholing technology into two categories: the shiny, exciting innovations versus the mundane, necessary evils of our daily operations. It can be exhilarating to invest in t...

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A written non-compete agreement with a person's hand and a highlighter.

Why Veterinary Non-Competes Are Here to Stay Despite the Proposed Ban by the FTC

Apr 10, 2024
Veterinary Trends

In veterinary medicine, non-compete agreements have long been a contentious issue. These agreements, often included in contracts between employers and employees, restrict veterinarians from practicing...

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