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veterinarian advises pet owner through video call

Telemedicine is Coming to the Vets, Part 1: Highlight on VetCareShare

Mar 12, 2020

Carolyn Shadle

This is the first in a series of telehealth articles to be published on the VetPartners blog. Each article in the series will feature a different veterinary telemedicine option, providing valuable insight for veterinary professionals, consultants, and pet owners. Communications professional and freelance journalist Carolyn Shadle is not associated with VetCareShare or any other telemedicine company. She received no compensation—monetary or otherwise—from VetPartners or VetCareShare for authoring this article.  Innovation is the name of ...

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2020 VetPartners Board of Directors

2020 VetPartners Annual Meeting In Review

Feb 26, 2020
VetPartners Meetings
Sarah Rumple

It’s a wrap! The 2020 VetPartners Annual Meeting is over, and what a success it was. If you missed the meeting—or if you attended the meeting and want to reminisce about the good ol’ day...

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Piggy bank

The Best Investment Veterinarians Can Make Today and Tomorrow

Jan 31, 2020
Practice Finance
Isaiah Douglass, MBA, CFP

Have you seen an ad or social media post talking about how to select the next Amazon or Google before anyone else so you can invest early and make millions? These cheesy and deceiving ads are simply c...

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The Corporate Squeeze: How Corporate Consolidation is Disenfranchising Associate Veterinarians and Fueling Startups

Dec 31, 2019
communication, Industry Involvement, Practice Management, Practice Valuation, Well-Being
Anthony Mahan, Esq., MBA

In case you have been hiding under a rock the last few years, corporate consolidators have thrown piles of cash at acquiring veterinary practices throughout the U.S., which has resulted in lucrative p...

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Self-Care and Servant Leadership Are Not Mutually Exclusive

Dec 10, 2019
Self-care, Veterinary, Well-Being
Mia Cary, DVM

Ever wonder why flight attendants tell us to put on our own oxygen mask before helping others with their oxygen masks during an emergency? It’s because we are better equipped to help others when...

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