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4 Key Benefits of a Virtual Meeting

Aug 12, 2020

We know the VetPartners Mid-Year Meeting has always been a highlight of your year, and you may be bummed that this year's meeting isn't happening in-person. So, we’re here to prove that the virtual meeting will be incredible—maybe even better than an in-person gathering. If you haven’t signed up yet, get ready to scramble to the registration page, because you won’t want to miss the Mid-Year Virtual Meeting for four reasons: #1: Attending the virtual meeting is so easy You may not be tech-savvy, with your IT person No. 1 on your speed-...

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Telemedicine is Coming to the Vets, Part 5: Highlight on Televet

Aug 7, 2020
Carolyn Shadle

This is the fifth in a series of telehealth articles to be published on the VetPartners blog. Each article in the series will feature a different veterinary telemedicine option, providing valuable ins...

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5 Reasons You Should Attend Live Sessions During the 2020 Virtual Mid-Year Meeting

Jul 22, 2020
VetPartners Meetings

As the VetPartners 2020 Mid-Year Meeting draws closer, you may still have not registered, thinking virtual conferences lack all the bells and whistles of an in-person conference. With this Mid-Year Me...

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3 Ways to Reduce Your Veterinary Practice’s Online Risk

Jul 16, 2020
Practice Management
Clint Latham, JD

There is no denying that the web browser has become the new operating system. What does that mean in non-tech geek speak? For years, the cyber security world was focused on the computer operating syst...

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5 Ways to Make the Most of the VetPartners 2020 Virtual Mid-Year Meeting

Jul 8, 2020
VetPartners Meetings

As veterinary medicine’s networking conferences adjust to unique presentations, VetPartners is striving to make the most of our virtual Mid-Year Meeting. Although the incredible networking opportuni...

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