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VetPartners: Serving those who serve the veterinary profession

You are a professional who is dedicated to serving the veterinary profession.

VetPartners is a nonprofit association of your peers who are also dedicated to serving the veterinary profession.

With unlimited networking opportunities, unparalleled educational offerings, and a strong membership consisting of the best and the brightest in the veterinary industry, becoming a VetPartners member is a no-brainer. Join us today and let VetPartners go to work for you.

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5 reasons YOU need to join VetPartners

  1. You’ll learn.
    Learning is what all the cool kids are doing these days, and VetPartners members are the epitome of cool. As a member of VetPartners, you’ll learn from the thought leaders of our profession on topics that include practice management, human resources, valuation, marketing, legal, finance, IT, and more.
  2. You’ll grow your business.
    With 300+ VetPartners members, you’ll build a deep network of professional relationships with like-minded colleagues who are eager to collaborate and improve the profession with you.
  3. You’ll never miss out.
    FOMO is a common problem today, but you don’t have to suffer from this debilitating condition. As a VetPartners member, you’ll be the first to know about changes and advances in the veterinary profession. And, you’ll be invited to some of the best events in the industry each year. Our Annual and Mid-Year Meetings are second-to-none.
  4. You’ll be like Super(wo)man for your clients.
    Picture this: You’re helping a practice owner with something that falls under your area of expertise when she says, “Oh yeah, I also need some legal advice. Can you help?” You think to yourself, Ummm, no…, but then say to her, “Of course! I know several great attorneys who specialize in veterinary practices. I’ll email a few options this afternoon.”
    Boom. Who just saved the day? You.
    As a VetPartners member, you’ll have access to hundreds of specialists who can help your clients with any of their business needs.
  5. You’ll be a leader.
    Remember when the cool kids played on the playground and you looked on wishing you could join? (Or, maybe you were one of the cool kids.) VetPartners members are the grownup, nicer version of the cool kids on the playground. Passionate and committed leaders, we’re a powerful group at the forefront of establishing best practices for the profession. (And, when other passionate, dedicated professionals want to be part of the fun, we don’t turn them away.)