How to get the Most Out of Your Membership

Congratulations! You’ve joined an elite group of experts dedicated to serving the veterinary profession.

Now, you need to take full advantage of your VetPartners membership.

7 ways to get the most out of your VetPartners membership

#1: Ensure your profile is top-notch

Our online directory is available to the public and is accessed regularly by veterinarians seeking the services of consultants. As a VetPartners member, you have the opportunity to compose your own listing. But, don’t forget to keep it up-to-date so those searching for your services will be able to contact you!

#2: Take advantage of professional development opportunities

VetPartners holds two outstanding continuing education meetings each year. Each meeting focuses on honing consulting skills and discussing trends and best practices within the veterinary profession.

#3: Network with your peers

Getting to know like-minded peers can be a great way to expand your network, learn more about the industry, and help grow your client base. VetPartners’ two meetings each year and multiple networking socials that we hold at larger veterinary conferences provide members with numerous opportunities to meet and collaborate throughout the year.

#4: Join a committee or SIG

You’ll network. You’ll hone your leadership skills. You’ll give back to the association. You’ll make a difference. Whether you’re interested in marketing or meeting planning, technology or practice management, or another topic, there’s bound to be a committee or SIG that’s the perfect fit for you.

#5: Participate in the VetPartners online groups

VetPartners is everywhere, from our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter pages to our private list serve and Facebook group, the association can be found where you like to spend your time. These interactive forums provide an outlet for the association and its members to share information with other member and non-member veterinary professionals.

#6: Promote your VetPartners affiliation

When you’re a member of an elite group like VetPartners, you don’t keep it a secret. Promote your affiliation by using the VetPartners logo and tagline on your personal website and PowerPoint presentations. And, if you’re attending one of the large industry events, wear our member badge flag to let others know you’re a proud VetPartners member.

#7: Take a stab at speaking or publishing

VetPartners has partnerships with other industry organizations, which provide our members with exclusive access to speak or develop continuing education program content, present educational webinars, and submit articles for publication. Whether you’re new to speaking and writing or a seasoned veteran, taking advantage of these opportunities will help you grow your brand.

Not a member of VetPartners? Now’s the time to join us!