VetPartners Award Winners

Distinguished Life Member Awards

The Distinguished Life Award is given to those members of the Association who have rendered noteworthy and outstanding contributions to the practice of veterinary business management consulting and advising or veterinary practice valuations.

2003 Robert Levoy
2005 Dennis McCurnin DVM, MS, DAVCS
2008 Lou Gatto CPA
2008 Larry McCormick DVM, MBA, CBA
2009 James Remillard MPA, CPC, CVPM
2010 Robert Froehlich DVM, MBA
2011 Jim Wilson DVM, JD
2012 Karl Salzsieder, DVM, JD, CVA
2013 Lorraine List CPA, CVA
2014 Karen Felsted DVM, CPA, MS, CVPM, CVA
2015 Thomas Kendall, DVM, CVPM
2016 Louise S. Dunn
2017 Richard Goebel, DVM, CBA
2018 James Lloyd, DVM, PhD
2019 Clayton Mackay, DVM
2020 Karyn Gavzer, MBA, CVPM
2023 Linda Markland

Pioneer Professional Awards

The Pioneer Professional Awards are  given to those individuals or entities that are deemed pioneers in the profession, who choose not to join as voting members, and yet are chosen by the Board of Directors to be honored for their service to the profession of Consulting or Advising Veterinary Medical Practices. They must have been in the business of veterinary practice consulting or advising for 20 years.

2003 Donald Dooley
2004 Ross Clark DVM
2005 John (Jack) Judy DVM
2005 Robert Lewis DVM, DACVR
2008 Owen McCafferty CPA, CVPM
2009 Mary Beth Leininger DVM
2010 Roger Cummings, CVPM
2011 AAHA, accepted by Drs. Albers & Cavanaugh
2012 Jack Stephens DVM
2013 Paul Pion DVM
2016 Robert H. Featherstone, DVM, MS
2017 John Sheridan, CVPM, MRCVS
2018 Veterinary Hospital Managers Association
2019 John Volk
2020 CareCredit
2023 Dr. Eleanor Green

Ambassador of the Year Award

The Ambassador of the Year Award recognizes a member for exceptional efforts in promoting and encouraging new memberships within our association. Based on the number of successful referrals over the past year, this award underscores the winner’s commitment to fostering VetPartners growth . The recipient exemplifies an ambassadorial spirit and commitment to nurturing our association’s future.

2023 Mary Mongioi