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The Rush to Relief: How Practices Can Leverage the Trend

Speaker: Cindy Trice, DVM

Recording Available Here!

Oh My Fraud

Speakers: Jimmy Bell an Mira Johnson

What is the state of employee embezzlement in the veterinary field? And how can you, as an industry influencer, be part of the solution? Join Jimmy & Mira at our upcoming Vetpartner’s social to learn more.

Recording Available Here!

Multi-Party Data Exchange

Technology offerings increasingly rely on several different parties coming together to exchange data – find out more about this space from Martin-Traub Werner, VP and GM, Data and Platform Technologies for Vetsource and Taylor Cavanah, CEO and Co-Founder of Pet Desk.
Town Hall is sponsored by the Technology and Innovation SIG.

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A Look at Emerging Technologies – Point of Care Devices

Point of care diagnostics come in a variety of forms and functions, and are changing the way care is delivered in both veterinary practices and in the home of our clients and patients.  How do we leverage these, and what’s yet to come? Please come for a 40 minute presentation and a 20 minute discussion. 

Recording Available Here!

Speakers:  Dr. Jess Trimble and Dr. Rob Trimble (bios below)

A Look at Emerging Technologies – Pet Wearables and Smart Devices

The pet wearable and smart device market has been around for years- but is it really starting to take hold? We’ll discuss what devices are out there, if the devices are clinically relevant,  where the market is heading in the future and what the impact is for the veterinary space. Part of the discussion will be wearable devices by categories.

Recording available Here!


Dr. Jess Trimble is a veterinarian passionate about increasing access to basic veterinary care for pets through technology-enabled healthcare. Scaleable telehealth services, connected care, and practical implementation of telehealth technologies into brick and mortar practices are of particular interest. She is the Chief Veterinary Officer of Fuzzy Pet Health, a technology company offering in-home and virtual care veterinary services.

Dr. Rob Trimble is a future-focused veterinarian and entrepreneur with a passion for innovating at the intersection of medicine, technology, and organizational design. Currently, he ’s serving as the Executive Director of the Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy with the goal of accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship from within the veterinary profession, starting with veterinary students. He spent several years working in the pet health technology startups and co-founded Fuzzy Pet Health (a pet health technology startup based in San Francisco) in 2016

Stop Drop and Roll-Being Mindful in Conflict Conversations Post Covid

How can a veterinarian be mindful of the needs of their clients and staff while appreciating and acknowledging not everyone is presenting their best selves? How can we navigate this new journey post Covid-19 without becoming defensive or negative?

Teaching the techniques of mindfulness, steeped in the Stop, Drop and Roll program, gives attendees an easy method to implement self-care tools while also responding to their clients and staff during these uncertain times.  Stop, Drop and Roll helps practitioners take the temperature of a room and assess how everyone is feeling, thereby enabling them to shift oppositional thinking [their own and others] to foster better dialogues and outcomes in even the thorniest of situations.

Attendees left this short Town Hall with an acute ability to read reactions to trauma brought on as a side effect of COVID-19, while understanding that others are responding differently to difficult circumstances and situations.  Maintaining mindfulness and responding with empathy is key.

Recording available here!

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Speaker: Debra Vey Voda-Hamilton is the principal at Hamilton Law and Mediation, PLLC, (HLM) the first solo mediation practice in the US dedicated to developing transformative methods of addressing discussions and difficulties between people over animals. Debra works with professionals and entrepreneurs in the pet service sphere to help them pursue their passion of helping people and their pets while reducing their exposure to disputes, disagreements and difficulties that can lead to costly litigation. She presents several programs on transformation and self-reflection, and hosts online webinars teaching pet owners and pet professionals/service providers how to transform their disagreements.

COVID-19 Survival Guide: What Life Is Like as a Veterinarian Right Now – and How Consultants and Service Providers Can Help

In this webinar, Dr. Michele Drake, a leading DVM with over 20 years as a practice owner, will share up-to-the-minute insights on the unique conditions that COVID-19 has created in practices – from the point of view of a practice owner that is living this situation daily. Topics include:

  • The “5 Stages of COVID” in a practice – and what to do about them
  • The vital role of practice culture
  • How owners must address turnover, absenteeism, and disengagement
  • What great practices are getting right today, and how other practices can learn from this
  • How consultants and partners can best create value for their practice clients in this unprecedented situation

Recording available here!

Speaker:  Dr. Michele Drake is the owner of The Drake Center in Encinitas, CA, and has been a proven leader for over 20 years in practice. She has served on boards for AAHA and Novartis, and is a featured contributor for Veterinary Economics, AAHA, and dvm360. The Drake Center has been voted the #1 veterinary practice in San Diego for eight consecutive years.

It’s No Longer Business as Usual: The Cares Act and More

In this town hall session, learn about COVID-19 Pay, EIDL Grants, PPP Loans, what the SBA has to say about PPP Loan Forgiveness, and what additional CARES Act provisions are available for small businesses. Recording available here!


Camala (Cammi) Bailey, CPA, CVA: Cammi is founder and president of Camala C. Bailey, CPA, PC, a Certified Public Accounting and Financial Services Firm in Tempe, Arizona, and is known as the CPA 4 Vets. Her firm serves veterinary clients throughout the United States and is known nationally for its expertise in veterinary accounting, tax planning and preparation, practice valuation and due diligence work.

Cammi is a sought-after speaker and published author. In her leisure time, before the pandemic, you could find Cammi traveling and photographing the world with her husband Randy. Since the pandemic, you will find Cammi at her desk helping clients through the maze of new legislation!

Doctor to Doctor Practice Sales in the COVID-19 Environment

Are sellers still willing to sell?  Are buyers willing to buy?  It’s definitely a changed environment but sales are still happening! Learn more by watching this Town Hall Brief recording!


Karen Felsted, CPA, MS, DVM, CVPM, CVA: Karen has spent the last 20 years working as a financial and operational consultant to veterinary practices and the animal health industry.  She is also a well-known speaker and author and has been active in VetPartners since its inception.  In 2011 and 2017, she was awarded the WVC Practice Management Continuing Educator of the Year award and in 2014, the VetPartners Distinguished Life Member Award.

David McCormick, MS, CVA: David is a veterinary practice appraiser, management consultant, and speaker/teacher who specializes in practice ownership issues including practice financial health, practice value and ownership entrance/exit planning. As a practice appraiser, he is credentialed as a Certified Valuation Analyst. David operates the veterinary practice sales and appraisal firms, Simmons Mid-Atlantic and Simmons Great Lakes.

The ONE Thing That we can Control in This Crisis…Our MINDS!

The Veterinary Industry is facing an enormous challenge with the onset of COVID-19. A lot of questions are being asked: How do we continue to practice medicine? How do we take care of our clients and the animals we serve? How do we keep our team safe? How do we continue to thrive as a business?

We are all feeling angst, confusion, anger, frustration, denial. These are real feelings that stem from a place of not-knowing. Decisions are having to be made on a day to day basis. We may not be able to control regulations, guidelines, when our states are opening……. but we can control our MINDS!

How we mentally respond to this crisis will have a huge bearing on our success. The ultimate goal is to not only SURVIVE but THRIVE and come out better on the other side.

Watch this Town Hall Brief Recording

Speaker: Michael Linardi, PCC, MS: Michael, CEO and founder of Halcyon Coaching, is a Business and Executive Coach, Strategist and Organizational Consultant. He has over 30 years of experience in management, facilitating, training, coaching and behavior change.

Snorer: Did you happen to hear the faint snoring noise in the background? That was Michael’s precious French Bulldog, Waldo!

Veterinary Recruiting and Hiring in Today’s Challenging Market

The economy, the employment marketplace overall, and the Veterinary profession specifically have all been turned upside down in the span of a few short months. But the more things change, the more things stay the same. In thist VetPartners “Town Hall” presentation, Stacy Pursell of The VET Recruiter explained what she is seeing in the marketplace as it pertains to recruiting and hiring within the Veterinary profession.

So, if you’re concerned or confused about what’s happening in the marketplace, Watch This Town Hall Brief Recording, and read the Q&A summaries below.

Speaker: Stacy Pursell, CPC, CERS, The VET Recruiter:  Stacy is a workplace/workforce expert and an award-winning executive recruiter serving the animal health industry and veterinary profession for 22 years. Stacy was a National Top Ten Account Executive and Pacesetter for one of the world’s largest executive search firms and the #1 recruiter in the Southwest region of the United States before starting her own firm in 2004. Stacy is the founder and CEO of The VET Recruiter, a globally respected search firm.

Q&A #1: Is hiring continuing in industry (distribution, pharma or on hold for sales reps considering most are not going into the field?

  • We still have ongoing searches for sales reps and industry positions. We placed a sales rep in a position yesterday and have another one getting an offer later today. Hiring has slowed down on the Animal Health Industry side and there have been some layoffs with some of the companies.

Q&A #2: How has associate veterinarian compensation been impacted, if at all?

  • So far thankfully I haven’t seen veterinarian compensation impacted. I’m not seeing lower offers than we were seeing before the pandemic. They are about the same.