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The successful management of a veterinary practice is a complex challenge. Just as it is increasingly difficult to remain current in all areas of medicine for all species, it is similarly arduous to know all aspects of good business management. VetPartners has the resources you need to run a successful veterinary practice.

Veterinary Practice Management Essentials: A toolkit for your veterinary practice


VetPartners in conjunction with Partners for Healthy Pets has developed the “Veterinary Practice Management Essentials.” This booklet outlines standards for successful management of a veterinary practice and includes a list of good quality resources that provide more information regarding the various topics. The booklet also contains a questionnaire to help you determine your readiness for outside assistance. The VPME is intended to be used as a checklist by both consultants and practices to help determine where they are doing well from a management perspective and which areas they should focus on improving. Click here to download a copy today!



We’d like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their time, efforts and support of this project:

  • Dr. John Albers and the Partners for Healthy Pets for their financial support of the project and Dr. Albers’ facilitation of the document development meeting
  • Dr. Karen Felsted for leading both the author task force and the project management task force and co-facilitating the document development meeting
  • G. Lynn Davis and Heather Prendergast for serving on the project management task force
  • Members of the author task force for their time and expertise
    • Debbie Boone
    • Betsy Choder
    • Mary Gardner
    • Jennifer Inbody
    • Monica Dixon Perry
    • Terra Shastri
    • Martin Traub-Werner
  • Martin Traub-Werner and his firm, Vet Success Inc. for providing layout and design services

Veterinary Practice Management Essentials Resource Library

The Veterinary Practice Management Essentials (VPME) Resource Library is a collection of published articles by VetPartners members that offer further insight into the topics highlighted in the VPME Booklet. Veterinary professionals are encouraged to browse these articles to find tips, strategies and practical advice for how to implement many of the components covered in the VPME Booklet.

Visit the Resource Library

Consultant Directory

Our consultant Directory is a streamlined and easy to search resource for finding the veterinary business specialist you’re looking for, including:

  • Practice Management
  • Accounting and Financial Planning Services
  • Emergency and Specialty Practices
  • Marketing Development & Implementation
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Human Resource Management & Compliance
  • Industry Consultant
  • Practice Brokers
  • Practice Valuation and Succession Planning
  • Architectural Services
  • And More