VetPartners Ethics

At the core of our association is our Member Code of Ethics

VetPartners members believe exemplary character is paramount to providing services in our chosen profession and all members agree to abide by a Code of Ethics defining these standards. Adherence to this Code of Ethics enhances the veterinary profession’s trust in the services provided by our members.

As a member of VetPartners, I am committed to upholding the VetPartners Code of Ethics. I will serve the veterinary profession with integrity, knowledge and fairness by acting competently and demonstrating exemplary character and respect to clients and colleagues. I will provide services within the boundaries of my abilities, charge fair and appropriate fees, communicate realistic outcomes for services provided, fully disclose relevant relationships, avoid conflicts of interest, and maintain confidentiality.

Adherence to the Code of Ethics

The VetPartners Ethics Committee educates members about the content and application of the Code of Ethics, ensure compliance with them and process complaints against VetPartners members. Below are documents to help members and others better understand the code, and/or submit complaints:

The Advisory Opinion Submission tool has been developed as a way for members who are concerned that an activity they may be involved in or are considering may be in violation of the VetPartners' Code of Ethics. If you have or are aware of an activity that you think should be reviewed by the Ethics Committee, please complete the Advisory Submission Form.