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There's No Debate About the Consequences of the Veterinarian Shortage

Sep 15, 2023

There currently appears to be a debate about the shortage of veterinarians within the profession. There are those who believe there is no shortage of veterinarians. There are those who believe that there only appears to be a shortage, but that it’s an illusion because of the events and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. And there are those who believe that there is a shortage, but that the shortage is not nearly as severe as some might think. Is there a veterinarian shortage? What a veterinary recruiter says As the founder and CEO o...

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illustration of pet, pet owner, and veterinarian

From the VetPartners Mid-Year Meeting: 5 Facts Veterinary Professionals Should Know About COVID-19’s Impact on Pet Care

Sep 22, 2021
Veterinary, VetPartners Meetings

August 25 to 27, VetPartners was delighted to host the first in-person Mid-Year Meeting since COVID-19 struck the world. Congregating in Kansas City, 65 of the industry’s movers and shakers band...

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illustration of veterinarian on computer screen with pet owner and pets

Telemedicine Has Come to the Vets, Part 14: Highlight on AccessVET

Jul 27, 2021
Carolyn Shadle

This is the fourteenth in a series of telehealth articles to be published on the VetPartners blog. Each article in the series features a different veterinary telemedicine platform, providing valuable ...

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commercial real estate with For Sale sign

5 Red Flags Every Veterinary Practice Owner Should Know When Picking a Real Estate Agent

Jun 24, 2021
Practice Finance
Jeremy Burroughs

A commercial real estate transaction can either catapult or cripple your business. Real estate is one of the highest expenses for a veterinary practice, so a real estate negotiation needs to be handle...

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woman on couch with dog and computer searching Google

Prevent Clients from Resorting to Dr. Google for Veterinary Care

May 26, 2021
Client Education

The internet is an extremely helpful tool in today’s society. It seems to have the ability to solve all our problems. But, with countless opinions spread over countless web pages, we can get into tr...

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