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It's Who You Know: How VetPartners Members Stay Connected All Year Long

Feb 28, 2024

Since the inception of VetPartners more than 20 years ago, networking has been an invaluable benefit of belonging to the association. One of the biggest reasons veterinary consultants and advisors join VetPartners and renew their membership each year is because they're able to connect with others who understand the business side of the veterinary profession. The VetPartners mid-year and annual conferences are events we all look forward to, not only because of the great content but also because we get to see our friends and colleagues—old a...

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4 Critical Recruiting and Hiring Trends in the Veterinary Profession

Apr 26, 2023
Human Resources, Veterinary Trends

At a recent veterinary trade show, I spoke with dozens of employers and asked them what the biggest challenge they’re facing in their business right now is, and 100% of them said hiring and recr...

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Controlled Substances in Veterinary Practices: 3 Tips to Maintain DEA Compliance

Apr 12, 2023
Practice Management

Can you name several controlled drugs used in veterinary medicine? Maybe you are a veterinarian or a veterinary technician and you are well-versed in which drugs are controlled. That’s great! Maybe ...

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The Traditional Veterinary Business Model is Broken — Can It Be Fixed?

Mar 28, 2023
Veterinary Trends

My premise is that the traditional veterinary business model is broken and, in many cases, cannot be fixed. I base my premise on the evidence: The data shows that revenue is up, pet ownership is up, n...

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Cybersecurity: A Cat-and-Mouse Game

Mar 8, 2023
Client Education

Let’s face it: As a concept, cybersecurity can be a blend of scary, confusing, and boring to the average veterinary professional, especially compared to the satisfaction and joy that come from provi...

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