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veterinarian advises pet owner through video call

Telemedicine is Coming to the Vets, Part 1: Highlight on VetCareShare

Mar 12, 2020

Carolyn Shadle

This is the first in a series of telehealth articles to be published on the VetPartners blog. Each article in the series will feature a different veterinary telemedicine option, providing valuable insight for veterinary professionals, consultants, and pet owners. Communications professional and freelance journalist Carolyn Shadle is not associated with VetCareShare or any other telemedicine company. She received no compensation—monetary or otherwise—from VetPartners or VetCareShare for authoring this article.  Innovation is the name of ...

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From the VetPartners Experts: Listening with Empathy

Sep 27, 2019
communication, Human Resources, Practice Management
Carolyn Shadle

Can communication skills be learned?  I had a woman in a class I once taught on the subject of listening and dialogue who said, “It’s just not me! I’m a yeller. I can’t imagine saying nothing...

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From the VetPartners Experts: Leadership Lessons Learned on the Inca Trail

Sep 18, 2019
communication, Self-care
Wendy Hauser, DVM

In late May 2019 my family and I hiked the terminal 27 miles of the Inca Trail, ending in Macchu Pichu. As a child, I heard vivid stories of Peru from my father, who grew up in the mountains outside o...

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2019 VetPartners Mid-Year Meeting in Review

Aug 29, 2019
communication, Industry Involvement, VetPartners Meetings
Sarah Rumple

The VetPartners 2019 Mid-Year Meeting is officially in the books, and this one will go down as a doozy (in more ways than one!). The 2019 VetPartners Mid-Year Meeting by the numbers I know what you...

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From the VetPartners Experts: Gossip in the Veterinary Workplace

Aug 20, 2019
Human Resources, Practice Management, Self-care, Well-Being
Michelle Harcha, DVM, MA

Sitting in a workshop complaining about someone that was gossiping about me, I realized that I was gossiping about her as well. It was a moment of profound insight because I had no awareness that I wa...

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