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There's No Debate About the Consequences of the Veterinarian Shortage

Sep 15, 2023

There currently appears to be a debate about the shortage of veterinarians within the profession. There are those who believe there is no shortage of veterinarians. There are those who believe that there only appears to be a shortage, but that it’s an illusion because of the events and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. And there are those who believe that there is a shortage, but that the shortage is not nearly as severe as some might think. Is there a veterinarian shortage? What a veterinary recruiter says As the founder and CEO o...

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The Traditional Veterinary Business Model is Broken — Can It Be Fixed?

Mar 28, 2023
Veterinary Trends

My premise is that the traditional veterinary business model is broken and, in many cases, cannot be fixed. I base my premise on the evidence: The data shows that revenue is up, pet ownership is up, n...

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Cybersecurity: A Cat-and-Mouse Game

Mar 8, 2023
Client Education

Let’s face it: As a concept, cybersecurity can be a blend of scary, confusing, and boring to the average veterinary professional, especially compared to the satisfaction and joy that come from provi...

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VetPartners 2023 Annual Meeting: What Happens in Vegas Shouldn’t Stay in Vegas

Feb 8, 2023
VetPartners Meetings

Apparently, many trips to Las Vegas include questionable actions that should never leave Sin City.  We wouldn’t know anything about that.  But, we do know that you won’t want to leave Vegas with...

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VetPartners 2022 Mid-Year Meeting Does Not Disappoint

Oct 26, 2022
VetPartners Meetings

The 2022 VetPartners Mid-Year Meeting was held at the Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront September 28–30 in Portland, Oregon. As the last session wrapped, and attendees made their way to the infa...

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