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Cybersecurity: A Cat-and-Mouse Game

Mar 8, 2023

Let’s face it: As a concept, cybersecurity can be a blend of scary, confusing, and boring to the average veterinary professional, especially compared to the satisfaction and joy that come from providing healthcare for pets and peace of mind for their owners. Because of this, it is all too easy to fall into the trap of viewing cybersecurity as a ‘one-and-done’ task. 'I have antivirus installed, so I must be good!’ The truth of the matter is that cybersecurity professionals view our duty as a cat-and-mouse game, where we serve as defen...

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From the VetPartners Experts: 5 Ways to Keep Quality Team Members

Sep 13, 2018
Tracy Dowdy

Employee turnover is not a new problem in the veterinary industry. If you're in the profession—practice owner, manager, associate veterinarian, technician, client care representative, assistant... i...

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