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Telemedicine Has Come to the Vets, Part 15: Highlight on Virtuwoof

Oct 7, 2021

This is the fifteenth in a series of telehealth articles to be published on the VetPartners blog. Each article in the series features a different veterinary telemedicine platform, providing valuable insight for veterinary professionals, consultants, and pet owners. Communications professional and freelance journalist Carolyn Shadle is not associated with Virtuwoof or any other telemedicine company. She received no compensation—monetary or otherwise—from VetPartners or Virtuwoof for authoring this article. ________________________________...

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From the VetPartners Experts: Why Your Practice Needs Employment Practices Liability

Nov 14, 2018
Riley Totten

As a business owner, sometimes you have to make the critical decision to let an employee go. Justified or not, your employee may feel wronged and believe the firing was not warranted. Or, perhaps an e...

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From the VetPartners Experts: Walking the Bridge to Connection and Finding Career Sustainability

Oct 25, 2018
Kimberly Pope-Robinson

here was a moment in my life when I almost let go of my bridge to connection. I was holding on to the bridge, dangling by my fingertips, and about to make that final decision to let go of life. The...

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From the VetPartners Experts: Why Cloud-Based?

Oct 18, 2018
Joseph Axne

When it comes to cloud, there are many options for the veterinary practice to consider. And, in the eyes of a practice owner or manager, this is a confusing topic. Veterinary practice owners and ma...

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From the VetPartners Experts: Why Your Practice Needs a Loyalty Program

Oct 11, 2018
Stacee Santi

It may come as a surprise to you, but I have never dealt crack cocaine. But after starting a loyalty program at my practice, I think I might know what it’s like. Loyalty programs can be found in alm...

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