5 Ways to Make the Most of the VetPartners 2020 Virtual Mid-Year Meeting

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Jul 8, 2020 at 4:05 pm

As veterinary medicine’s networking conferences adjust to unique presentations, VetPartners is striving to make the most of our virtual Mid-Year Meeting. Although the incredible networking opportunities are the best part of in-person conferences—and the exhibit hall swag—you can still forge new bonds, refresh relationships with colleagues, and learn from the greatest minds in the veterinary industry.

You may think this Mid-Year Meeting is going to be totally different, which it will, but, make no mistake, you will still enjoy all the previous benefits. Follow these five tips to make the most of your virtual meeting.  

#1: Jump on the Platform before the meeting begins

All attendees will receive a link to get on the Pathable platform about ten days before the meeting begins. Be sure to sign on right away and take time to create your profile, become familiar with the features, and start your networking regimen before the conference even begins. 

#2: Attend your most-anticipated sessions live

While all the sessions will be recorded for your viewing pleasure for the rest of 2020, you will miss out on the opportunity to ask speakers questions and connect with your fellow attendees in real-time if you don’t attend the live sessions. If there’s a session by a speaker you’ve been dying to hear, block off a chunk of time to listen to the presentation live, and interact with the speaker and your colleagues as questions pop up. You’ll discover more information you won’t find watching the recorded versions, plus you can talk to your favorite speakers while the session is still fresh in your mind.

#3: Connect with colleagues, speakers, and sponsors

What’s a VetPartners Mid-Year Meeting without a plethora of networking opportunities? Through the platform Pathable, you can request to “meet up” with a colleague or speaker for a one-on-one chat, send a quick message, or snag their attention for further discussion. By going virtual, VetPartners eliminates the need for you to chase down colleagues while wearing your best heels—you’ll have to do something else to get in your daily steps. 

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#4: Check out the virtual exhibit hall

Now that we’re going virtual, we’re going to have an exhibit hall, filled with the latest and greatest tools to help you help your clients. When you enter the virtual exhibit hall, you’ll be able to look around for the booths that catch your eye. Watch a video presentation explaining a product or service, or chat with a booth representative, if you want more information.

#5: Take advantage of continued access

The worst part of any VetPartners meeting is when it’s all over, and it’s time to head back to your normal routine. Those few days of close kinship, connection-building, and learning with like-minded individuals don’t last long, unfortunately. However, with our virtual meeting, you’ll have access to the sessions for the remainder of 2020, allowing you to watch and rewatch every recorded presentation to get the most out of each one. Sneak in a session on the way home from work, or jump on a presentation after the kids go to bed, and by the end of the year, you’ll have gained plenty of pertinent information you can apply to your business.

Don’t miss out on all these stimulating speakers, networking opportunities, and breakout discussions—sign up today.

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