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Committee Chair Handbook

Updated July 2014



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Table of Contents                                                                                                                                            

Committee Chair Responsibilities............................................ 3

Committee Chair Procedures.................................................. 4

Important Dates and Deadlines............................................... 5


A.   VetPartners Strategic Plan

B.   VetPartners Organizational Chart

C.   Board and Chair Contact Information

D.   Coordinating a Committee Meeting

E.    Meeting Etiquette Guide


o   Committee Meeting Agenda Template

o   Committee Annual Report Template

o   Participation Certificate Template

o   Email Message Template for Retiring_Committee_Member

o   Motion Template

o  New Program/Activity Budget Request Template

o  Request for Special Meeting/Retreat Form

o  Check Request Form

o  Travel Reimbursement Form

Committee Chair Responsibilities

·       Review VetPartners strategic plan annually

·       Participate in administrative staff performance review process semi-annually

·       Review and understand organizational chart for the committees and Board of Directors

·       Send Committee Handbook to all new members who join your committee

·       Update Committee Handbooks

o   Due March 30th, allowing time for the committee to discuss and make changes after the March 1st member drop date.

·       Participation in All Chair Meetings as scheduled

·       Distribute Committee Meeting agenda, minutes, and recording to committee members

o   All committee correspondence should include copy to admin@vetpartners.org, and your assigned Board liaison.

o   As appropriate, include copy to all other committee chairs to improve cross-committee communication:

§  Communicationscommittee@vetpartners.org

§  Membershipcommittee@vetpartners.org

§  Opportunities@vetpartners.org

§  Programcommittee@vetpartners.org

§  Webinar@vetpartners.org

·       Understand how to use GoToMeeting for conducting regularly scheduled meetings

o   The Association Administrator will provide access information for the Chair to serve as organizer and for attendees to participate in the meetings. 

A Master Calendar is located online VetPartners Calendar - BOD, Committees and SIGS  The calendar also provides call information for each scheduled conference call.

o   Serving as organizer requires online access, setting the meeting recording, and uploading the recorded file for distribution to committee members.

·       Follow Meeting Etiquette Guide

·       Know how to facilitate effective meetings

·       Notify committee members when their term of service is complete (see Appendix G)

o   Chair to send Template email message to committee members upon completion of term to include a Certificate of Appreciation and a link to the Exit Survey

o   Chair to provide information to admin@vetpartners.org for acknowledging member’s service in the Member Newsletter

·       Submit Annual Report for membership as requested

·       Review and approve committee expense requests prior to issuance of payments

Committee Chair Procedures

·       Budget procedures

o   The association distributes budget request forms to be completed and returned annually.

·       How to submit a motion to the Board of Directors

o   Formal requests for Board consideration must be submitted using the VetPartners Motion Template, 10 days in advance of the scheduled Board Meeting.  Board calls are on the second Monday of the month.

·       Adding new members to a committee

o   New members to the organization can join a committee upon acceptance into the organization.

o   Our membership database indicates member interest in specific committees.  When new committee members are needed, a list of interested members may be generated by sending a request to admin@vetpartners.org.

·       Adhere to term limits for committee members (use template message for retiring committee members)

·       Transition to a new chair

o   New chairs are appointed by the President.

o   Chairs to make recommendations to the President and help facilitate this process by inquiring about the interest/willingness of potential candidates.

o   Email pertinent committee files and folders to new Chair

·       Communication using VetPartners Group Email Lists (see detailed list above)

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Member Newsletter submissions due the first Monday of each month.
  • Motions to the Board due 10 days prior to scheduled Meeting of the Board
  • Attend online Board of Directors Meetings upon request
  • Attend face to face Board of Directors Meetings upon request.
    • Typically the afternoon prior to the Annual Meeting dates and Mid Year meeting dates.
  • Chair encouraged to attend Annual Meeting and provide oral report during the Annual Membership Business Meeting.


  • Chair to coordinate annual Committee Handbook updates with Committee.
  • Committee Handbooks due March 30th to admin@vetpartners.org.


o   Chair to coordinate annual Budget Request with Committee.           


o   Committee Budget Requests due August 15th to admin@vetpartners.org.


o   Chair to coordinate submission of Annual Report with Committee.

o   Committee Annual Report due by December 31st to admin@vetpartners.org.


Verbiage for Committee Chair Email to Retiring Committee Member 


Dear            ,

I am writing to inform you that your volunteer term of service on the
___________ Committee has been completed.  Your contributions and
participation has been invaluable to the success we have achieved!

Attached is a Certificate of Appreciation and we will also acknowledge your
service in our upcoming Member Newsletter, so keep your eyes open for that
in the next few weeks.  Also, we are asking retiring committee members to
please provide feedback on your experience and suggestions to admin@vetpartners.org

Suggested questions are listed below.

Again, I really appreciate your hard work and hope that you will continue
your active participation through another VetPartners' committee.  If there
is a committee you are particularly interested in joining, please let me
know and I will notify the Chair on your behalf.

With great appreciation,

Committee Chairperson


Retiring Committee Member Survey (to be sent electronically)


1) When did you begin your term with the committee?

 End date _______   Reason:  __ End of term   __ Resigned   ___ Changed committees   ___ Other 


2) Did you attend 90% of the regularly scheduled committee web/calls? If not, why? 


3) Did you feel the calls were productive? If not, how could they be improved? 


4) Did you have a clear understanding of the committee's goals? If not, how do you feel this could be improved?


5) What did you enjoy the most about your participation with the committee? 


6) What suggestions do you have for continued success of this committee?

 Please review/change as you see fit

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